Tony Conlon

I am an engineer by trade. I was brought up in the west of Ireland, the oldest son of a motor mechanic who ran his own garage. It was in that garage I developed an interest in forging steel and making things.

Many old-timers visited the garage and would tell stories and pass the long dark evenings far away from tongue whipping wives and screaming babies. It was in this environment I heard of legendary Sheffield knife maker James barber and the much coveted barber pocket knives. This triggered an interest in fine knives that drove me to collecting and eventually making my own knives.

As a kid and young adult living in Ireland it was near on impossible to find a quality knife apart from cheap Chinese junk. Fast forward some years and the advent of the internet I spotted a knife that caught my eye online. It was a lockback whittler made by The legendary knife maker Tony Bose. This was the most perfect and intriguing pocket knife I had ever seen but alas there was none to be had. so I concluded I would make my own and in a moment of madness picked up the phone and called Tony Bose himself who turned out to be one of the most helpful men I have had the pleasure to meet.

Not only did Tony forward on working drawings for the lockback whittler he offered much needed guidance on its construction and has ever since been a mentor to myself and inspired me to start producing my own knives.