Feedback from some of our customers


Skinning Knife

Hi Tony,

I went out yesterday into the forest at my area in Hungary.
I did some testing, see attached pictures.
No problem to cut through knots/ hard points in the wood. Edge angle, grinds are very good to make fine work and also cutting through bigger diameter timbars.
The wood what I have used for test was very hard type and dry.  But I have also tired on fresh wood, also excellent results. I also drilled hole with the tip of the blade. No problem, penetrates easily.
There is no any degradation on the sharpness.
I have also tried in the kitchen, blade works very fine to cut vegetables.

Thanks again!

Egressy Balázs



Field Dressing Knife

Hi Tony
I would like to thank you for taking the time to make me a knife that will last me the rest of my life time and I believe the rest of the life time to whom I leave it to. I was shown how to field dress a deer when I was 11 years old and have been doing just that ever since. After purchasing numerous different knifes over the years and spending a lot money on what I was then told was the best one could buy?
Well I know now that they were all just selling me a knife to make a sale, your knife my friend is the best field dressing knife that anyone in the field could wish for. I have to date dressed out 17 deer with it and has required any sharpening as of yet, well done!
I can highly recommend a dressing knife like mine to anybody out there that wants his or her dressing knife to stay sharp throughout the process of field dressing there big game animals.

Kevin Greenier



Doire Hunter